As a Partner – DeGesh Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (DITE)  

As a Partner

As a Partner / Collaborator

You can benefit from pools of the opportunities below:

  • Availablity of well-trained students and highly qualified teachers and experts
    DITE has well-trained students or ”ready-made” employees. We also have active and ”ready-to-go” entrepreneurs. Similarly, we have international standard teachers / educators. Most importantly, we have credible and diligent students, teachers and experts. So, as our partners or collaborators, we are ready to complement your activities.
  • Mutual respect to agreements
    As an international organization, we do respect any agreement that we signed orally or digitally. We also give respect to our partners’ point of view.
  • Collaborative working ethics
    Ethic is one of the key values in DITE. So, our working and collaboration are based on local and international ethics.