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Lean Commercialization

DITE is now offering training on “Lean Commercialization”.

The training targets individuals, who want to be self-employed in a specific industry or who want to launch new products/services.

Training Contents

The training is divided into three sections which are highlighted below:

  • The first section is mainly lecturing, which orientate trainees on modern-day and advanced entrepreneurship.
  • The second section focuses on monitoring trainees’ projects, which includes a lot of practices and it is can be called “commercialization of business ideas” session.
  • The last section focuses on evaluation of training, and business projects. The last day of training is for awarding of certificate of participation and seed funding for successful or promising business projects.

Entry Requirement

  • At least SSCE qualification.
  • Ability to speak Yoruba/English/Pidgin, and write in any of these languages.
  • Ability to use the Internet.
  • Ability to work with others.
  • Having a good technology or solution idea, which either solves one of society challenges or add value to existing products and services.

If you want to participate in the training, please submit your application.

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Lean Commercialization
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