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DeGesh Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (DITE) offers the following services in partnership with its international networks and encourage innovative youth to commercialize their ideas, talents, and innovations.

  • Educational Services

    Training Services

    DITE currently offers the following training services directly and in collaboration with foreign partners:

    1. Commercialization of ideas (Lean Commercialization): This training is for anyone with innovative ideas. Minimum requirement for the training is Secondary School Certificate (SSC). Read more here: Lean Commercialization.

    2. Vocational Training: In collaboration with other institutes in Finland, DITE offers training for secondary school leavers and above. Programs are Automation, ICT-related technologies, Security technologies and Solar-related technologies. Similarly, DITE offers vocational trainings for leather works, tailoring, photography, catering, and fabrication at it vocational centers.

    3. Competence-based Training: In collaboration with academic institutions in Finland and Europe, DITE offers training for graduates, employees and civil servants who want to have a “specific skill or competence”. The programs are based on individual learning concept. This concept was just adopted by the Ministry of Education in Finland.

    Application for our training is available here: DITE Application. Alternatively,

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  • Spin-Off Supports

    Business Management Services

    DITE supports existing businesses and spin-offs in the areas of funding and mentorship. Read more below:

    1. Business representative service: DITE helps business owners (mostly who are living in Europe) by managing their businesses in Nigeria and Africa. Presently, 2 companies have been managed from 1st May 2019. They are Eduten Finland Ltd and Osadsoft Technologies.

    2. Partnership (Co-owned) business management service: DITE invests in existing and promising businesses.

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  • Spin-Off Supports

    Collaboration services

    Collaboration services: DITE helps any academic institutions to get connected with other institution, especially in the area of degree programs, exchange programm, research projects and education tourism..

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